Worship Helps

Worship Helps for March 29, 2020

Here are some thoughts on using these helps in private and family worship.

  • The three Scripture readings and the psalm are chosen to reinforce one another.
  • Don’t rush. Take plenty of time for the readings and for the prayer time.  Prevent as many distractions as you possibly can.  Turn off unnecessary screens and notifications and focus on worship.
  • The text file includes links to audio tracks to help you sing the hymns. Using a phone, tablet, or computer, you can easily click and play them when you are ready.  Please note, both recordings include a musical introduction before singing begins.  On some devices it is difficult to manage viewing a webpage and using an audio player at the same time.  You might want to use a second device for the audio, print the hymns before your service, or screenshot them.
  • If you are worshiping with others and you have capability to print the document, please do so. This way everyone will have the psalter, hymn, and meditation on the word in hand.  If not, position the screen of your device as best you can so others can participate.
  • If you’re in a family setting, the offering is a good time to talk with the family about the duty and privilege of giving. Emphasize that the act of giving is an act of worship.  Mention briefly the work supported through the offerings of God’s people.  You could, for example, place your offering in an envelop to be put aside for our next Lord’s Day together or mailed—and do so with prayer.
  • The meditation on the word presents enough material to challenge the serious Bible student. If you are reading it to your family, you will want to read it through in advance and be prepared to read what your children can profitably hear and/or summarize each section in your own words—but don’t underestimate young listeners.  Sometimes they amaze us.
  • This first set of helps is intended to acknowledge and express the value of something that is denied to us at the moment—the privilege of gathering on the Lord’s Day for worship. This is a privilege we pray will be restored to us very soon and for which we likely will have greater appreciation when the time comes.

Grace to you all,

R. Neil Spence

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